Monday, November 1, 2010

Guantanamo Baywatch - Reptile Roommate

I came across this band several weeks ago when I was planning my trip out to Portland. This was the only band playing while I was out there that came up when I searched the term "garage". Needless to say, they did not disappoint. One bit. I would even say they exceeded my expectations. Initially I was drawn to this band for, well, the reasons are too many to list. But fuckit! I love garage. I love surf. I love garage-y surf. The kind found on some of the 50's & 60's comps I got at home, like Strummin' Mental, or Diggin' Out. I love the fun-first, irreverent, borderline offensive (but too funny to be) song titles, like Titz & Twatz, Clam Party, and Cum Fart Food. But most of all I love the fact that this band is TIGHT. This is a good band. And their recordings, while definitely for fans of the lo-fi, indie variety, showcase a band that not only brings it with the energy, but is capable of geetin er done in the studio as well.

So, on to Portland. I see them in the basement of an indie record store in Belmont (I think it was Belmont). They don't even serve alcohol in this place so I am nippin' it on the flask. The singer/guitar player gets on stage, takes his pants off, puts on a pair of short 80's beach shorts, and as he turns around a projection of a giant pepperoni pizza is shone on the backdrop behind (and on top of) the drummer. The pizza starts spinning around. I'm laughing my ass off. The bass player goes up on stage and I notice on the back of her guitar is a painting of the King! Amazing. Band starts playing, kids start dancing, faux-hawked lead singer/guitarer keeps tryin to come out into the crowd with his axe, these dudes were feelin it, and the kids were LOVING IT! Great energy from the band. Great vibes from the kids. Got to get these dudes out to New York.

So, what I have here for you is their tape, Reptile Roommate, on Gnar Tapes. Six succulent cuts of Sun, Fun n' Sleaze. Enjoy!

(Coming Soon: "Postcard From the Tar Pitz")

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